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Handloom saree weaving


Sunasa is a fashion tech company founded with the vision to preserve Indian heritage, exquisite craftmanship, art of weaving and the tradition of wearing cultural outfits of India.
Our artisans craft each piece meticulously with utmost passion, precision and care. Coming from the land of poets, we see each piece at Sunasa as a piece of poetry.
Sunasa is a tribute to the Indian traditions, complex mastery, Indian cultures and heritage, and the skilfulness our weavers are capable of. Our products are inspired by the rich legacy of the textiles of India; each piece can be seen as a melodic grace singing the tales of the cultural magnificence of India and its craftmanship.
At Sunasa, a 'weavers first' company, our objective is to promote the development and sustainability of the traditional textiles and its products by creating a handloom element for the weavers of the country with proper civic arrangements and functions. Handloom weaving sector plays an important role in the economic development of India. Sunasa is dedicatedly working for the ones responsible behind our beautiful collections - our weavers! We are all about the revival and promotion of Indian handloom weaving. Dedicated to keeping up with the royal Indian traditions and nurturing the skillfulness behind hand woven sarees and other traditional garments, we will continue to celebrate the beauty of wearable handcrafted luxuries. It is an attempt to preserve and cherish the rich heritage of the textiles of India and save it from the clutches of extinction.


handloom saree weaving india

The holistic traditions and ancient way of life of weavers in the villages of India are a forward-thinking model for sustainable
urbanism. Sunasa strategizes to revitalize the traditional weaving heritage of these villages by providing a more robust platform to generate
economic opportunities. The approach aims at the benefit of the weavers’ community by taking inspirations from the past and implementing in the future, thus increasing potential.

handloom saree weavers india

It is an institution within itself which benefits the entire complex as one unified whole. This handloom center, informal and accommodating of the weavers’ language is an interactive platform for the welfare of the weavers’ community, and for understanding of the entire country.

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