Wondering if your saree is Pure Silk or not? - Tips to Identify Pure Silk Sarees!

Pure Silk Sarees vs Fake Silk Sarees - How to Identify?

Obviously all women want to wear pure silk sarees at different festivities, weddings, celebrations, and occasions. Unfortunately, not every online store sells pure silk sarees. In India, saree is not just a garment. It is an emotion.

We all know the joy we experience when our grandmothers and mothers pass pure silk sarees as heirloom sarees to the next generations. On several festivals and occasions, pure silk sarees are offered to goggesses and hindu deities. and needless to say, girls want to feel the queenly feel that comes with pure silk sarees for their wedding ceremonies. With such pure sentiments attached to a silk saree, it is extremely important that you buy a pure silk saree and not a fake silk saree. But now the million dollar question is how to differentiate between pure silk sarees and fake silk sarees? Let us try to figure it out in this article. 

Pure Silk Sarees vs Fake Silk Sarees – Key Defining Characteristics

Consider the points below to identify if your silk saree is made from pure silk or not.


  • Pure silk sarees have a noticeably different lustrous shine, and it simply can not be replicated with fake silk. The gleaming sheen of pure silk reflects light differently and a true saree collector can figure this out in seconds. Pure silk refracts light from different angles, producing different colors under different lighting. On the other hand, sarees made from synthetic fibers may look shiny but they can only have a white colorless sheen irrespective of the angle.
  • Testing for a pure silk weave can be a tricky way to identify pure silk sarees. Pure silk sarees are mostly handwoven and if taken a closer look at the saree weave, you can determine the quality of silk. And because they are handwoven, pure silk sarees are likely to have minor imperfections. On the other hand, fake silk sarees are only machine-made, and therefore, look uniform and flawless.
  • Next, consider the price of silk saree that you are buying. Pure silk sarees are expensive as they are made from natural pure silk fibres. While if synthetic fibres are used, the saree is available at a very low price compared to pure silk sarees.
  • Pure silk sarees are breathable and hypoallergenic (not likely to cause an allergic reaction when touched), while fake silk sarees  do not have the same properties. Use these tricks to differentiate and compare pure silk and fake silk sarees.

    Burn Test – Pure Silk vs Fake Silk

    To perform a burn test, take a small piece of silk fabric and burn it using a lighter or a matchstick. Now you have to note that upon burning, pure silk produces a smell like that of burning hair and the flame is small and extinguishes quickly. The powdered ash will be black, and the fabric shrinks in the area where it was burnt.

    Whereas if the fabric is made with fake silk, it will have a chemical smell upon burning. The fabric will melt and becomes hard and plasticky. Also, the fabric will continue to burn if not stopped.

    Please note that burn test is not 100% accurate, and some synthetic silk fabrics may pass the burn test, so it is important to use burn test in combination with other ways of pure silk identification. Most importantly, it is not advisable to perform burn test on your own as it can be dangerous and can permanently damage the silk fabric.

    Ring Test – Pure Silk vs Fake Silk

    Along with burn test, a ring test can also be performed in order to determine whether your silk saree is a pure silk saree or not. When passed through a ring, pure silk should pass through the ring smoothly. In case, if the saree gets bunched up in the ring, it is likely made with fake silk.

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