Tips to Maintain your Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Tips to Maintain your Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees are expensive and now that you have invested so much in a traditional saree, you better care of it properly and maintain it in the long term.

We all love these gorgeous traditional sarees and most of us have or want one in our ethic collection. Traditional Indian sarees mean a lot to us but the most beloved and the most expensive traditional drape is a Kanjivaram or Kanjeevaram saree. Most ladies have a Kanjeevaram silk saree in their collection or in their bridal trousseau because of how royal and amazing they make us look. These are the richest looking handloom sarees that one can find in India; having beautifully woven intricate designs in zari threads. The regal look comes from the beautiful sheen that they have making them one of the most famous silk sarees that women love. Moreover, finding the perfect Kanjeevaram saree that fits your budget and suits your style is quite a task but if you've found it, you know that you can't afford to damage it. Kanjeevaram is known to be durable but it is very delicate and demands some serious love and care. So, we need to ensure that we follow the right tips and tricks to maintain this traditional silk saree.

First thing first: Dry Clean Only, but why?

Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram sarees are delicate and require a skilled hand when it comes to cleaning. Never wash the saree because washing may cause damage to it. So it is wise to invest a little extra on dry cleaning your beloved Kanjeevaram saree.

Washing Kanjivaram at home (if the need be)

What to do if you ever end up washing your precious Kanjivaram at home? First of all, you can home wash only if it has been dry cleaned for the first three washes. To wash, always use cold water and shampoo. Wash the pallu, borders and saree body separately to avoid any damages.


Let's talk about storing our precious Kanjivaram

Fold your saree carefully so as to not cause any damage to the zari work. Also, change the folds every three months. Fold the zari on the inner side to protect it further and keep it safe.

Do not store your Kanjeevaram saree with other sarees. Always wrap up your folded Kanjeevaram saree in a muslin or a pure cotton cloth and keep it in a cloth bag. Avoid using plastic bags for storage. Store it away from sunlight in a dark and dry place to avoid colour fading.

Okay, How About Drying?

Air your saree every three to four months. Bring it out and let it air in shade away from the harsh sunlight. This helps you maintain your saree fabric and keep it smelling fresh.

Are anti-damage sprays damaging your Kanjivaram?

Yes! Use neem leaves or silica gel packets to keep your saree safe from moths and to prevent any fungus growth or damage. DO NOT use naphthalene balls or spray of any kind to prevent damage to your saree as they can worsen it's condition. Always remember to dry the neem leaves or fold them in a paper before you put them in the saree.

Are Kanjivaram Sarees Perfume Safe?

Do not use any perfume or deodorant on your saree as this may lead to discolouration. The Kanjeevaram fabric is very delicate and prone to damage and it's best to avoid any chemicals that can dull the colour of your beautiful Kanjivaram.

Can We Iron A Kanjivaram?

Yes and No. Never iron it directly. Always use a cloth on it before ironing as direct ironing can steal the sheen from your beautiful Kanjivaram.

Stain Removal Guidance

Wash the stain as quickly as possible with running cold water. The longer the stain stays, the tougher it becomes. Use laundry service to tackle the situation eventually.

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