Sunasa as a sustainable saree brand

Sunasa As A Sustainable Saree Brand

If you are looking for sustainable saree brands to look beautiful while keeping the environmental interests in mind, we are delighted to tell you that Sunasa is a 100% sustainable saree brand focused on equality, social justice and environmental friendliness. Sunasa is a sustainable fashion brand keeping ecological integrity at the core of everything. Our fabrics are made from natural fibres with zero carbon footprint without any chemical treatment and we are honoured to have you as a community. With the growing pollution, it becomes our moral duty as a manufacturer and yours a consumer to think about the interests of mother earth while selling or shopping fashion respectively.

A Weavers First Saree Brand promoting Sustainability

Sunasa is truly a weavers first saree brand working closely with artisans and handloom weavers communities. The interests of our weavers are given primary importance in our work culture as we believe that they are actually the heart and soul of our company. Our focus is entirely on handlooms using natural fabrics like cotton, pure silk, pure organza, and linen. Keeping the traditional touch intact while creating relevant designs and textiles is what our design team works on. Sustainable Indian clothing is the key vision of Sunasa that is working towards the economic development of the handloom weaving communities and artisans to create sustainable Indian wear for its customers.

pure-banarasi-silk-handloom-sarees-online Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Sarees online

Sustainable Indian Fashion - Sustainable Indian Wedding Dress Options

Shop our Sustainable Indian Designers Clothing made from handwoven fabrics available in a wide range of Luxury Handloom sarees, desinger Lehengas and Handcrafted sustainable sarees. Our eco friendly and sustainable sarees are the need of today to build a safer future by eradicating chemical treatments and eliminating any possibility of environmental harm.

Eco - Friendly and Sustainable Sarees as evergreen fashion

Traditionally and historically, natural fibers such as pure silk, linen, cotton, jute, etc. have been used to produce textiles and as more and more people are realizing their responsibilities towards the environment, handloom sarees and sustainable sarees have become the new symbol of class and mindful fashion.

Organic Sarees online - No Pollution Indian Sarees

Yes, it's possible! Shopping organic sarees online is 100% possible at Sunasa. So say no to pollution and say yes to organic sarees. Our sarees are made with organic fabrics taken naturally from nature and plants to ensure environmental safety. 

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I rarely post reviews, but I am so impressed by this beautiful article on sustainable sarees. I agree that going eco-friendly is the only way towards a safe fashion industry from a futuristic point of view. Supporting Sustainable fashion is not only the need of the hour but our responsibility as citizens. Totally loved and appreciated the useful information shared in this sustainable saree blog and I definitely learned some new things from it about sustainable fashion. Thumbs Up and keep the good work going.


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