handloom patola silk sarees

Handloom Patola Silk Sarees - The Priceless Handloom Weaving Sarees

The famous Gujarati patola sarees

Amongst the heirloom sarees that get passed from one generation to another, a prominent weave is ikkat or ikkat saree weave. The glorious past also mentions that once these Patola Sarees were used as currencies; such is the magnificence and honour the handloom patola silk sarees hold.

But what makes a patola saree so unique and special?

It can take as long as two months to weave one patola (ikkat) saree. The duration of preparing patola sarees actually depend upon the complexity of design patterns of the saree. Ikkat or ikat is a centuries old technique of resist dyeing fabrics (handloom silk in this case) and handloom weaving. The blurriness of the design and motifs of ikkat saree makes it unique each time and that is the true beauty of ikkat sarees. Traditionally, patola sarees are made in vibrant colours with rich motifts of animals, birds and geometrical patterns.

Significance of Bridal Patola Sarees

Patola Handloom Sarees are considered to be auspicious. It is believed that pure silk patola sarees bring good luck and prosperity.

Red handloom patola sarees make a go to choice for most brides, specially gujarati brides while other bridal saree colours like green and yellow also make for a popular and most like handloom patola bridal sarees. 

Patola Silk Sarees as a Luxury

Wedding Patola Silk Sarees are considered to be a status symbol and gifting wedding patola sarees to the brides and other relatives is highly respected, specially in the Gujarat state of India. But where to find best online silk saree shopping sites? That's a million dollar question as we saree lovers (specially handloom saree lovers) care deeply about the authenticity of handloom silk sarees and like to have an online saree shopping experience with trust. Sunasa is the answer to this question, where you can enjoy saree shopping online with trust.

Banarasi Patola Sarees

Banarasi Patola Sarees are a whole another level of luxury handloom sarees. Pure Handloom Weaving on beautiful and shiny pure silk fabrics create magic upon ikkat weaving. Sunasa has the best Banarasi Patola Sarees online that will be delivered to you directly from our weavers who are experts in handlooms craftmanship. So if you are looking to shop luxury sarees online in/ from India, Sunasa is the perfect online saree shopping destination for you.


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