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If you’re looking for a designer saree to flaunt on a special occasion, a new addition to your precious luxury saree collection, or the best selection of designer luxury sarees online, Sunasa is the one-stop destination designer luxury saree brand in India for you. By transforming India’s rich heritage of handloom textiles into wearable contemporary clothing, we’ve created the best designer sarees that are luxurious, comfortable, easy to carry and have a distinctive look. So, if you’re searching for rich handcrafted luxury sarees online, you’ve come to the right place as Sunasa is a premium designer saree brand in India having a variety of luxury sarees collection online at great prices.
As a company, Sunasa is dedicatedly working to offer the best designer sarees to women who want to buy designer luxury sarees online, and we do so by working closely with India’s artisans and weaver community. Our handcrafted sarees are available in a variety of fabrics, including soft organza sarees, luxury banarasi saree, pure linen sarees, luxurious silk sarees, pure paithani sarees, ikkat (ikat) sarees, authentic & original Gujarati pure patola sarees, classy cotton sarees and handwork sarees. Our sarees are made on handlooms, to reduce their environmental footprint – this is our attempt to preserve and celebrate India's rich craftsmanship while providing our clients the richest handcrafted luxury designer saree online. Our handwoven sarees come in a variety of colours, texture and designs, implementing techniques as diverse as ikat (single ikat and double ikat), paithani silk weaving, meenakari, tanchoi and kashmiri jamawar to give you the most luxurious saree experience at affordable prices. We bring to you the most stylish and glorious collections of luxury handloom sarees, handcrafted silk sarees and designer luxury sarees online. 
What style of luxury sarees suits your personality?
Handloom Silk Sarees:
Woven using hand operated mechanical looms, handloom sarees are pure handcrafted luxury sarees. Handloom sarees are soft, breathable and exclusive. These sarees excude comfort and luxury with elefance and style. These ethnic sarees can be identified for their authenticity by the irregularities in the patterns.

Being handwoven, handloom sarees are expensive compared to machine made sarees. Natural fibres like silk and cotton are mostly used to weave handloom sarees. Different regions in India have different traditional weaving techniques. The feel of the handloom fabric is the key defining property of the area where it has been woven. Some of the popular handloom sarees are: Kanjivaram, Tussar, Baluchari, Chanderi, Banarasi, Tant. Adorned with designs and motifs native to the region where they have been woven, these sarees are an expression of the emotions of that region. The entire process of making handloom fabric is manual making handloom sarees environment friendly. A rich handloom saree is a must have in your ethnic wardrobe for a splendid queen like look.
Cotton Sarees:
Handloom cotton fabric is woven on traditional hand operated looms using mechanical force of weavers. Two sets of interlacing yarns, the warp (length) and weft (width), are woven on a mechanised (electric free) loom, which is operated by weavers. These looms do not use electricity. The fabric is much softer, more durable and much more comfortable than other machine made sarees. Handloom cotton fashion sarees are very breathable and comfortable. They feel light in summers and are warmer than other fashion sarees for winters. The colour penetration is also easier for a handloom cotton designer saree making the dyeing process easier. A handloom cotton saree should be among your top go to choices when you are buying summer fashion sarees online.
Meenakaari Paithani Sarees:
Regal, opulent and breath-taking are the right adjectives for Meenakari sarees. During the hand-weaving process, skilled craftsmen add supplementary coloured resham threads resulting in meenakari work. Traditional meenakari work adds charm and feminine elegance to the saree. Get yourself a saree with stunning meenakari work to look like royalty during special events like weddings and festivals.
Tanchoi Jamawar Sarees:
Pure mulberry silk yarns are used to weave tanchoi jamawar sarees. Tanchoi sarees are exclusive fine weave sarees that are adorned with gold or silver zari work. Prominent features of these luxurious sarees are that they have a satin feel and smooth texture having beautiful floral motifs or other embroidery patterns. Tanchoi weaving is a technical and complex weaving technique which requires great skill and precision. Embellished with intricate patterns of flowers, birds, Tanchoi embroidery sarees are soft, luxurious and sophisticated. Available in vibrant colours, adorned with embossed weaves, elaborate paisley motifs, Tanchoi designer sarees are highly aesthetic. Various types of Tanchoi sarees are Mushabbar, Atlas or gilt, Satin and Satin Zari. These regal sarees are an ideal choice for special occasions, weddings, festivals and formal ceremonies.
Katan Silk Banarasi Sarees:
Discover the age-old authentic Banarasi handloom sarees by Sunasa. Banarasi katan silk sarees are pure, handwoven and famous across the world because of their quality and alluring designs. Katan is a plain-woven fabric with pure silk threads. It consists of two threads twisted together and is mostly used for the warp of light fabrics. In Katan silk, which is the term locally used in Varanasi, the yarn is prepared by twisting various silk filaments that makes it very sturdy and durable.
Undoubtedly, the city of Banaras reminds us of the timeless stories of ancient India, its heritage, traditions and cultures. Banaras has a rich history owing to multiple cultural developments and such is the tale of the luxurious Banarasi silk sarees. Amalgamation of the sprit and traditions of several ages since the Vedic period, Banarasi Sarees are a testament to complex mastery of weaving techniques and craftsmanship of Indian artisans. Globally famous for their attention to details in weaving designs like jangla, jaali, kadwa patterns with precision on handlooms, Banarasi sarees are ideal for festivities and weddings.

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