Best Banarasi Sarees for Day Weddings

Best Banarasi Saree Inspo for Day Weddings

Wedding celebrations, small details attached to the rituals and 'rasam', the enthusiasm that comes along with wedding functions are special to every bride and family irrespective of their culture or religion. And along with such happiness and excitement about the wedding come the styling questions like what to wear, which color to wear, and what style to pick for what occasion, what saree to pick for which day. The sarees suited for night weddings do not mostly suit day weddings. So, what to wear for day wedding? Don't worry. We will also cover what saree for day weddings is best.

Best Suited Silk Sarees For Day Wedding

Perfect Banarasi Sarees for Day Wedding Functions
Today, we have a number of saree styles and trends to consider but a handloom sarees lover knows that nothing can replace the evergreen charm of a Banarasi saree for North Indian weddings. Banarasi Sarees are first choice for brides, girls and women in India. Let's discuss different types of Banarasi sarees perfect for wedding ceremony, haldi ceremony, engagement ceremony, mehendi ceremony function and wedding reception. From Pure Banarasi Katan Silk Sarees to Khaddi Banarasi Georgette Sarees to Banarasi Organza Sarees, there is pure silk handloom Banarasi saree for everyone.
Banarasi Sarees For Summer Weddings
Considering the summer heat we have in India, the most perfect Banarasi Sarees for summer weddings would be a Banarasi khaddi georgette saree, Banarasi Organza Saree, Banarasi Tissue Saree due to the lightweight textures of these saree fabrics, minimalistic style and comfort. The sheer handloom Banarasi tissue sarees and Banarasi Organza sarees have their own charm and feeling.
Banarasi Sarees For Winter Weddings
Without a doubt, Pure Handloom Katan Silk sarees are best suited for winter weddings. Katan Silk sarees are one of the most premium Banarasi silk sarees available in rich, festive colours at Sunasa.
Saree Colours best suited for Day Wedding Ceremonies
Light and pastel colours of Banarasi sarees look the best for day function as bright and deep colors can be too much to the eyes during daytime. Pastel Pink, Sly Blue, Lilac, Lavender Purple, Lemon Yellow, Rose Pink, Peach, Off-white are the recommended colors best for day wedding function. For brides, the classic red banarasi saree or pink banarasi saree are the two best choices to select from bridal banarasi sarees.
Nothing can beat the beauty and perfection of Banarasi Silk Sarees as these sarees are truly the pride of handlooms of India. Pure handloom Banarasi Silk sarees are an integral part of Indian textiles and weaving industry. And till date, we can not think of a better wedding saree choice other than a pure handloom silk banarasi saree to look your best.
Best Website to Shop Banarasi Sarees Online
Banarasi sarees are versatile enough to work well for day wedding function as well as night weddings. So shop the best Banarasi sarees online for the day wedding celebration today at Sunasa.
You must be wondering where to find the best Banarasi sarees for wedding. Well, having the right expertise in handloom silks, Sunasa is the best website to shop bridal banarasi sarees, pure handloom banarasi sarees and pure katan silk banarasi sarees online.
Sunasa is the best online saree shop Banarasi sarees for weddings and other functions. Our banarasi sarees collection includes traditional Katan silk Banarasi sarees to Pure Handloom Organza Sarees, Banarasi Tissue Sarees and Banarasi Tussar Silk Sarees.
Sarees Video Shopping - Sunasa also has the video shopping option available for saree shopping so that you can shop with confidence. You can first watch the saree video before making the purchase.
Shop Wedding Banarasi sarees online with confidence at Sunasa
There is no better place than Sunasa for Banarasi sarees shopping. We have best Pure handloom silk saree collection online. Our weavers are into the art of handloom weaving for generations and have mastered the art of weaving. So you can rest assured that you will get the best handloom sarees online at Sunasa, the most trustworthy website to shop pure silk handloom sarees.

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